Virtual Meet The Teachers Night and MELS Community TownHall

MELS Meet the Teachers Night 

Thurs. Sep 29, 2022 @ 6:30p 

Purpose: This is an opportunity for our families to connect with all of their students’ teachers and learn more about what and how their students will be learning this year.

Format: Meet the Teachers Night will be a virtual event this year. Crew teachers will open a synchronous space for Crew families and share asynchronous videos for each content class.

Crew teachers have been reaching out families and will be sending their crew zoom link via email to either parent email/student MELS email address. Families can also view below to see all crews’ zoom link organized by grade below:


6th Grade CREW Links and Videos


7th Grade CREW Links and Videos


8th Grade CREW Links and Videos


9th Grade CREW Links and Videos


10th Grade CREW Links and Videos


11th Grade CREW Links and Videos


12th Grade CREW Links and Videos


After Meet the Teachers Night, MELS will be hosting a MELS Community Town Hall shortly after at 7:30 pm. (Link below)

*Must be logged in with student MELS Gmail account*  

Zoom link | Meeting ID: 951 8240 9573 | Passcode: 121709

Instructions on how to log onto zoom via student’s MELS email: 
On the Zoom log in page, click “Sign in with Google”
Have your student sign in with their student MELS email (ex and their password.
Then click on the link for your student’s crew meeting!