What is Crew Curriculum? How Does It Impact Our Students And Their Learning

With a diverse student body here at MELS, Crew Curriculum has been put in place to help address topics like differences and identity.

EL Education produced this insightful video explaining what Crew Curriculum is and demonstrating how an intentionally planned Crew Curriculum can engage and support all learners using schools like River Bluff High School in Lexington, South Carolina, and our school, Metropolitan School of Expeditionary Learning in Queens, New York, as examples.

In a nutshell, Crew Curriculum is planned-lessons for students to explore and engage with during their allotted time in Crew classes. Schools use this space of Crews for students to be able to discuss topics in a safe environment and navigate through social issues. Each grade has an overarching topic that is catered to grade level, developmentally appropriate, and topics that communities would benefit from discussing.

Crew Case studies would then be created for each overarching topic within the designed Curriculum. Crew Case Studies are units of study students focus on within Crew Space. It is the lens through which students will be discussing all the behavioral, social-emotional support, and needs.

The video includes students and teacher interviews,  explaining in their own words examples of Crew Case Studies and the knowledge they gain from individual case studies.

Thank you, EL Education for creating this awesome video that helps shine a light at the learning that is happening at our school!